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Manathil Uruthi Vendum

Manathil Uruthi Vendum
By Maha Kavi Bharathi
Translated By P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Thilang

1. Manathil uruthi vendum,
Vakkinile inimai vendum,
Ninaivu nallathu vendum,
Nerungina porul kaipada vendum,
Kanavu may pada vendum,
Kaivasamavathu viraivil vendum,
Danamum inbamum vendum,
Daraniyile perumai Vendum

2. Kan thiranthida vendum,
Kariyathil uruthi vendum,
Pen viduthalaio vendum,
Periya kadavul kaakka vendum,
Man payanura vendum,
Vanagamingu then pada Vendum,
Unmai ninrida vendum,
Om Om Om Om

English translation

1. Firmness in mind we should have,
Sweetness in words we should have,
Purity in thought we should have,
Our hands should be able to touch.
What it wishes to touch,
And our dreams should come true.

Whatever we are to get,
We should get it fast,
Wealth and pleasure we should have,
Fame in this world we should have,

2. Our eyes should be open,
Our actions should be firm,
Women should have freedom,
The big God should always protect,
The soil should be fertile,
We should be able to see the space,
And the truth should be stable,
Om, Om, Om, Om.

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