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Kaani Nilam Vendum Parashakthi

Kaani Nilam Vendum Parashakthi
By Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Ragamalika
Thalam Aadhi/Thisra

1. Kani nilam vendum - Parashakthi, Kani nilam vendum-angu,
Thoonil azhagiyathai - nan madangal thuyya nirathinathai - antha,
Kani nilathidaye - Or maligai katti thara vendum-angu,
Keniyarigile thennai maram keethu milaneerum,

2. Pathu pannirandu thennamaram pakkathile venum - nalla,
Muthu chuddar pole - nilavoli munbu vara venum - angu,
Kathum kuyil osai - chathe vandhu kaadhir pada vendum-enthan,
Chitham magizhnthidave - nanarya ila thendral vara venum

3. Pattu kalanthidave - ange oru pathini pen venum-yengal,
Kootu kaliyinile - kavithaigal kondu thara venum-Andha,
Kattu veliyinile - Amma, ninthan kavalura venum - enthan,
Pattu thirathale - ivvayathai palithida venum.

English translation

1. I need a small piece of land, Oh divine mother, A small piece of land, and there,
In the midst of that small piece of land you should build me a house with,
Four pretty pillars and several floors and there near the small pond,
Cocunut tree leafs should shine in small plants.

2. Near ten or twelve coconut trees, moon light should come
Like a shining pearl and there the soft song of the nightingales,
Should come and fall in my ears to make mind happy,
Good light breeze should blow to make me further happy.

3. To mix music there, there should be a virtuous wife there,
and in our play together, you should bring and give poems,
And in that forest expanse, Oh mother you should provide guard,
And by the great knowledge of music, you should look after this world.

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