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Kaakkai Chiraginile Nanda Lala

Kakkai Chiraginile Nanda Lala
By Mahakavi Bharathiar
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Yadhu kula Khambhoji
Thalam AAdi

(Lord Krishna was the God to whom this great poet sang)

1. Kakkai chiraginile Nanda laala, ninthan,
Kariya niram thondruthayye Nanda lala

2. Parkkum marangalellam Nanda laala, ninthan,
Pachai niram thondruthu aye, Nanda lala

3. Ketkkum oliyellaam Nanda Lala, Ninthan,
Geetham isaikkuthada, Nanda Laala

4. Theekkul kaiyai vaithal, Nanda Laala-ninnai
Thendum inbam thondruthada, Nanda Laalaa

English Translation

1. Oh Lord who is the darling of Nanda,
I see in the black of the feathers of the crow,
Your colour of black, Oh darling lord.

2. In whichever tree I see, oh darling lord,
I see your green colour, oh Lord.

3. In whichever song I hear my darling Lord,
I am able to hear your music only, my lord

4. And if I keep my finger inside a raging fire,
I only feel that sweet sensation of touching you.

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