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Endru Thaniyum Intha

Endru Thaniyum Intha Suthanthira Thagam
By Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathi
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Khamas
Thalam Aadhi

1. Endru thaniyum intha suthanthira thagam?
Endru madiyum engal adimayin moham?
Endru yem than kai vilangugal pogum?
Endru yemathinnalgal, theernthu poyyagum?
Androru Bharatham aakka vanthone,
Aariya vazhvinai aadharippone,
Vethi tharum thunai nin arulandro?
Meyyadi yom innum vaduthal nandro?

2. Panjamum noyum nin meyyadi yaarko?
Parinil menmaigal verini Yaarkko?
Thanjam adaintha pin, kai vidalaamo?
Thayum than kuzhandayay thalli vida pomo?
Anjalendru arul cheyyum kadamai illayo?
AAriya, neeyum nin aram maranthayo?
Vencheyal arakkara veetituduvone?
Veera shikamani aariyar kone!

English Translation

1. When will this thirst for freedom be quenched?
When will the desire of a slave die?
When will this shackles on our hand go away?
When will our sufferings would get exhausted?
Oh God, who came to make the country of Bharatha then,
Oh God, who supports the life of an Arya (gentleman)
Is not the support given by victory, your grace?
Is it proper for these true slaves to fade further?

2. Is this famine and disease meant for your true devotees?
To whom do the greatness in this world truly belong?
After one surrenders, should one leave out the support?
Would a mother push away her little baby?
Does not she have the duty to say, "Fear not"?
Oh Gentleman did you also forget your dharma?
Oh greatly valorous king of Aaryas,
Will we leave out the asuras who do cruel actions?

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