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Varava Kodu

Varava Kodu
By Kanaka Dasa
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Kanaka dasa is a great devotee of Krishna who lived between 1508 and 1806. He hailed from Kagginale of Dharwad district. When he was not allowed to enter the shrine in Udupi, the lord himself turned to see him. His songs are classified as Devarnamas.]

Raga Ranjani


Varava kodu enage Vagdevi ninna,
Charana kamalangala daya madu devi


1. Sashi mukhada nasu nageya bale,
Eesa karnada mutina ole,
Nasuva suppalla guna shi devi,
Bisjakshi enna hrudaya dolu nindu

2. Ravi koti theja prakshe maha,
Kavijana hrithkamala vase
Avirala puri kagineley adi,
Kesavana sutanige sannuta ranivase

English translation


Oh Goddess Saraswathi give me boon
Of your lotus like feet, please show mercy, Oh Goddess


1. With the pretty smile of your moon like face,
With pearl studded rings in your ears,
With sparkling teeth when you smile,
My heart is your place of stay.

2. Oh Goddess with shine of billions of suns,
Oh Goddess who stays in the heart of poets,
Oh queen of the son of Adhi Kesava of Kagginale,
Please give me a boon.

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