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Rathna Kanchuka Dharini

Rathna Kanchuka Dharini
By Harikesavanallur Muthaiah Bhagwathar
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Khamboji
Thala Chapu

Rathna kanchuka dharini, Amba

Rathna thadanga bhooshani, yathna karyava kaikoodisu Amba,

Mandha manollasini, Devendra nutha mrudu bhasini,
Jndhu sekara hari kesa sundaranga viharini, Amba

English meaning

Oh Mother wearing a gem studded cloak
Oh goddess decorated by gem studded ear rings,
Oh mother help me to complete the work I am doing

Oh Goddess who enjoys the very pleasant mind,
Oh Goddess who talks slowly and is worshipped by Indra,
Oh mother who is with Lord Shiva of Harikesa who is pretty.

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