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Vandeham Gandhavaha Sutham

Vandeham Sri Gandhavaha Sutham
By Kalyani Varadarajan
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Vandeham Sri Gandha vaha sutham,
Vasudeva bruthyam sadaa

Indhi vara shyama ananda dhayakam,
Indhu nibhasya Seetha Sokapaham

Raghavaanaam sudha rasa rasikam,
Laghava jitha ripum, Anila Vegam,
Slaganeeya charithaam, hari varam,
Raga vinodham, Kalyani varadam.

English Translation

I salute the son of wind which carried sandal perfume,
Who is forever the servant of Lord Vishnu.

He who gives joy to God of the colour of blue lotus,
He who removed the sorrow of the moon faced Sita.

He who is the admirer of the nectar like Rama,
He who easily won over his enemies, He who is as fast as fire,
He who has a very commendable story, He who has the grace of Lord Vishnu,
He who enjoys tunes and blesses Kalyani.

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