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Thiruvadi Sharanam

Thiuvadi Sharanam
By Gopala Krishna Bharathi
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raja Kambodhi
Thala Aadhi


Thiruvadi sharanam endru ingu naan,
Nambi vanden, devadi deva nin


Marupadiyum karu vadayum kuzhiyil thalli,
Varutha padutha vendam, ponnambalava


Edutha janmam kanakkezhuda tholayadhu,
Irangi magizhndu devareer venum endru,
Kodutha manitha janam veenagi pogudu,
Yen kurai theertha padumillaye,
Aduthu vandu ennai thallal aagadhu
Hara hara vendru chonnalum podado,
Thaduthu vandarula samayam Gopalakrishnan,
Santhatham pa nindu pugazh pothrum.

English Translation


Oh god of Gods, I came here,
Believing that that your holy feet
Will give me protection.


Oh Lord of the golden temple, do not push me again,
In the pit of rebirth and make me suffer.


The birth that I have taken can never be accounted,
The birth as a man which was given to me by you,
After taking pity on me and your becoming happy,
Is being wasted away now Oh Lord,
And you have not till now solved my problem.
Please do not push me away after coming so near to me,
Is it not sufficient if I chant Hara, Hara.
Gopalakrishnan is writing poems to praise you,
And thinks that this is the time to stop and show your mercy.

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