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Sankaranai Thuthithadu

Sankaranai Thuthithadu
By Gopalakrishna Bharathi
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Thodi
Thalam Aadhi

Sankaranai thuthithu aadu, ini,
Chananam illai yendru

Pongaravu aninthidum ponnambalavanai,
Buthiyil ninaivai pothi Sivanai

1. Parinil penkal mel karuthu poi,
Patha vottamale thiruthu,
Perinba jnanathai varuthu Sukha,
Peru oli nenjil irundhu

2. Neerkumizhi ikkayam yendrum,
Nilayilla vazhvithu maayam,
Periya Malayan neyam pera,
Pesuvareethe uppayam Shiva

3. Manitha chenanathil thedu nalla,
Mathavathorrkalai koodu,
THani veliyam oru veedu thannai,
Thathuvathaal kandu naadu Shiva.

English Translation

Sing and dance about Lord Shiva,
Saying that there is no more birth for me.

Think in your mind that Lord Shiva,
Who wears a rising snake and is in the golden temple

1. Getting our interest on women in the world,
And not able to get attached with them,
Hating the knowledge of divine joy,
From the heart devoid of pleasure (Sing..)

2. Understanding that this body is a bubble of water,
Understanding that this life is a non stable illusion,
For getting the love of the lord Vishnu and Brhama,
The only way is talking about Lord Shiva (Sing..)

3. Search in this birth as human being,
Join with good people of great penance,
Wish to join using philosophy,
This salvation which is beyond (Sing..)

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