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Pitham Theliya Marunthu

Pitham Theliya Marunthu
By Gopalakrishna Bharathi
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Chenchurutti
Thalam Roopakam,

Pitham theliya marunthu ondru irukkuthu, perinbam yendrulle

Matha marunthugal thindraalum ullukku,
Valle valle-Iye adimai

Pambum puliyum mey padu pattu thedi parthu payirittathu,
Paar alantha thiru mayanum vedanum parthu kalitha thundu,
Parvathi yenru oru sematti adhil padhiyai thindarthu undu,
Innam pathiyirukku parayaa, neeyum poy paar yendrutharam tharum theerum

English translation

There is a medicine to cure madness,
Called the divine joy within

Even if this slave takes other medicines,
They do not come, do not come, Oh Lord

This was searched found out and cultivated by after great effort by the snake and the tiger,
And this has been seen and enjoyed by Lord Vishnu who measured the world as well as Brahma,
And a great lady called Parvathi has once eaten half of it,
And Oh debased one there is half more left,
Please Lord Give me salvation and give it to me.

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