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Mathadellam Poruppen

Mathadellam Poruppen
By Gopala Krishna Bharathi
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Saveri
Thala Roopakam


Mathadellam poruppen,
Muthi naalum koduppen


1,Bhakthanukku kutham cheythaal,
Adhai porukka maatten

2. Thidhkkendru avarai thudikka pesi,
Adikka porukka maatten

3. Pasikkuthu endru oruvan varugayil,
Pusikka porukka maatten

English Translation


I would tolerate every thing else,
I would grant them salvation


1. I would not tolerate
If you trouble my devotee.

2. I would not tolerate if you speak to him suddenly,
Make him suffer and then beat him

3. I would tolerate if you eat, when one comes,
Saying that he is hungry.

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