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Chathe Vilagi Irum

Chathe Vilagi Irum Pillai
By Gopalakrishna Bharathi
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Bhoori Kalyani
Thalam Roopakam

Chathe vilagi irum pillai, sannidhanam maraikuthaam, nee

Nar thavam puriya nammidam, thiru nalai povar vandhirukkiraar


1. Jathi muraimai pesuraan,thannai igazhndum yesuraan,
Kothila gunam udayon, kopam kondal thala mattom,

2. Veda kulathai pothuraan, virumbi virumbi yethuraan,
Bhoothalathil yivanai pola punniya purudan oruvanillai

3. Bakthiyil karai kandavan, parthu parthu undavan,
Chitham kurayil namathu chelvam muthum kurayum

English translation

Please move a little son, It seems you are hindering,
The view of the sanctum, please move a little son

ThiruNalai povar has come to do holy penance in front of us


1. He talks of caste, he berates himself,
He is one with impeccable qualities,
If he gets angry, we would not tolerate

2. He praises the caste of the Vedas,
He with more and more desire prays,
In this whole world, there is,
No one man of great character like him

3. He has seen the other shore of devotion,
He has been very strict on what he eats,
And if his mind is pained then,
Our wealth will completely decrease.

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