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By Gopalakrishna Bharathi
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Chakravaa
Thala Jhampa


Arivudayar panidhudum Thillai,
Ambala vanane yennai aalai


Marai mudiyum thethi ariya mudale,
Manikka vachagar vazhthu kannudale.


Kanavilum ninaivilum visayadi, samsara kadalil azhundinen, karai era vazhi kaneen.
Manam irangi arul cheythida venum, mayan Gopalakrishnan, vanangum malar padane,
Unnai marathida ppomo, un adiyargalin unmayai innamum unara markedalamo,
Manaivi makkal dhana dhanyam endritta maya valaikkul chikki mayanginen, thayanginen.

English translation


Oh God of Chidambaram who is saluted by the wise,
Please rule over me.


To know the date of destruction of Vedas,
Manikka vachagar praised you.


I sunk in the sea of domestic life after playing in the dream and wake up state,
And did not found any way to climb up, so take pity and shower your grace,
Oh God whose flower feet is worshipped by the enchanter Gopalakrishan,
Can I ever forget you, is it proper to forget the truth about your devotees,
Being caught in the enchanting net of wife, sons, charity and richness,
I lost my sensation and started becoming diffident.

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