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Yen Mana Thamarai

Yen Mana Thamarai
By G. N. Balasubramanyam
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Reethi gowla
Thala Aadi


Yen mana thamarai mel,
Ye thaye un malar thalinai
Vaithu aruluvaye


Thunbam thudaithe thooya nilayile,
Inbamana un isaigal padave


Than mayamakkum thava vazhi ariyen,
Dharmamum thyagamum chirudum theriyen,
Chinmaya roopini Shiva manonmani,
Varmamillamale vandu udava neeye.

English translation


Please keep your flower like feet,
On my mind which is like lotus.


For singing sweet melodies,
Please wipe away my sorrows in my pure form.


I do not know the route of meditation,
Which leads me to the path of salvation,
I do not know even little charity and sacrifice,
Oh Goddess with divine form,
Oh darling of Lord Shiva,
For helping me without aversion you,
(Keep your flower like feet.)

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