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Dakshinamoorthe Amurthe

Dakshinamoorthe Amurthe
By Dhayananda Saraswathi
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Ranjani
Thala Aadi


Dakshinamoorthe, amurthe,
Sanakadi muni jana hrun moorthe


Agama sara, paripoorna athma jijnasu manogatha murthe


Praseeda hrud isha, aadhi brahma twaktha,
sarvam yukthamanam Thwa charanagatham maam.

English Translation


Oh Lord Dakshinamurthy, who is formless,
And lives in the heart of sages like Sanaka.


The God who is the essence of Vedas, who is complete,
And is the one who is attained by the mind of searcher of Athma.


Be pleased oh God of the mind,
Everything seems to be all right,
With respect to primeval Brahmam,
And I seek the protection of your feet.

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