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Ododi Vanden Kanna

Ododi Vanden Kanna
By Ambujam Krishna
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Dharmavathi
Thalam Aadhi

Ododi vanden Kanna m unakkum, yenakkum ulla uravu endru arindhu

Kotanu koti thavam cheydhu unai kkana,
Govinda endru azhaithu, brindavanathidai

Kuzhal oodhum kanave, koodum gopiyargal mukham naanave,
Kaathal vizhi unthan mukham naadave,
Muruval idazh oram chuzhattidave, jagannathan isai pada,
Nangai jati poda, kala kalamellam shruthiyum layavum yena,
Veda pporul unnai onri uraunthidave m
Bodham mighu kathal ponnadi thanil kondu.

English meaning
Realizing the relation between you and me.
I came running, Oh Krishna

After observing billion and billions of penances.
I came running to see you, calling you "Oh Govinda" to Brindavan.

Oh dream, which plays the flute, which makes the assembled gopis shy,
With their lovelorn eyes searching for you,
Making the lord of universe, break into a smile on his lips,
And keep beats, in turn making the girls dance,
For ions and ions making both of them mix like Sruthi and Laya,
And making them unify with you, who is the essence of the Vedas,
And offering the divine love of supreme wisdom at your golden feet.

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