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Maargam Kattiduvai

Maargam Kattiduvai
By Ambujam Krishna
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Hindolam
Talam Chapu

Maargam kattiduvai, marakatha vanna, manam irangi san (margam…)

Dahamadaintha maan ena thavikkum,
Bhava sokam theerave pozhi karunai,
Yezhai naan uyya

Neethi vazhi arindhu nermai kadai pidithu,
Nadane kathaludan paal kondu,
Geetham paadi ambuja padam pothi,
Nadopasanayaal nargathi perave.

English meaning

Oh emerald coloured God, show me the way,
With a kind mind show me the proper way.

I am suffering like a thirsty deer,
Due to the sorrow of birth and death,
Kindly shower your mercy on me.

After understanding the way of Dharma,
And observing the path of honesty,
Oh Lord, with love I bring you milk,
Sing songs praising your lotus feet,
And do the penance of music to get,
A good life and salvation.

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