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Dhyaname Tharume

Dhyaname Tharume
By Ambujam Krishna
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Amritha Varshani
Tala Aadi


Dhyaname tharume, perinbame, Rama

Jnaname Uruvana Anjaneyanum,
Mona thavathorum gana nipunarum chei


Porul vendumo, ponnadi irukkayil arul varado,
Iru karam kuvithidil irul neengidadho,
Agathavan olir kayyil marulundo,
Manathil magizhndu tilaithida.

English Translation


Oh lord Rama, meditating about you,
Would give wonderfully great joy.


The meditation done by Anjaneya,
Who was the personification of Jnana
And that done by great sages and experts in music,
Would give very great joy.


Do we need money when we have the grace of golden feet,
When we close our hands for salute, will not the darkness vanish,
Does the God's shining hand have the divine spell,
For getting extremely joyous in the mind.

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